Video registration of my Thougt Trails installation at the performance 'BREATH SPACE LIGHT' in Noordwijk May 3-5, 2024. Together with professional singers, the KunstKlank Project Choir, danser Kiran Gizels and instrumentalists. Organised by KunstKlank.
Video Marieke van der Lippe and Guido Bouma.
Editing Marieke van der Lippe

‘Thought Trails’ film on Youtube, made by Luka Gribnau, click here 
In 2022 I’ve made a triptych consisting of 3 works (each more than 3 x 1 meter) consisting of 2 layers. The transparent front layer is organza silk with a photo printed on it. I have worked on this layer with hand embroidery and Indian ink. The back layer consists of aquarel paper with acrylic paint, Indian ink, charcoal and embroidery. Because there is a distance of 10 cm between the front and back layers, the images shift relative to each other whenever the front layer is moved by air circulation or by walking past the work.  The triptych was on show at several locations in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Impression of the installation ‘Thought Trails’ at BigART Bajes in Amsterdam, September 2023.

Triptych ‘Thought Trails’ at exhibition ‘Urban Oasis’ in Den Helder, the Neterlands, 2023